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There is always reason to celebrate and be grateful

Every day is worth celebrating – at least it ought to be. But in the middle of the hustle and
bustle of our busy lives this can easily be forgotten. It is therefore important to celebrate at least when we reach important milestones or step into new stages in our our lives.

We at Vanha-Norri can help you mark your special occasions and come up with reasons to raise a glass. When did you last reward your employees on the spur of the moment? Have you ever stopped to think that an enjoyable evening spent with your customers leaves a much stronger imprint on their minds than all the business gifts you may send throughout the year? And why not celebrate turning fifty-five just because there is a whole decade between fifty and sixty?

Vanha-Norri is a friendly restaurant where there is no need to feel stiff and pompous. Here you are allowed to feel at home with a few exceptions: we will do the cooking, setting the tables and all the tidying up – unless you fancy a cookery sessions with your friends, colleagues or customers. That is when you get the chance to do the cooking and we will clean up!

A warm welcome to Vanha-Norri, our home!


Vanha-Norri has been a much-loved venue for celebrations for almost 35 years. The restaurant is situated in the village of Kaukjärvi in the middle of the beautiful Tammela countryside and comprises:

  • The main building (the old farmhouse which seat up to 130 guests in three sections)
  • The Old Workshop Pub (seating for 40 customers)
  • The Barn Loft for dancing and live music events (space for 130 party goers)
  • Large garden, which in the Summer months can be the backdrop for parties of up to 200 guests

What we offer

  • Family events such as weddings, birthday parties, christenings and confirmation parties
  • Company events, Recreational days
  • Cookery sessions and fun cooking competitions
  • Catering services
  • Chef/waitering staff
  • Crockery hire